The Brumaghim Group

Group meetings are held most Mondays at 4 pm in 219B Hunter

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Brumaghim Group, April 2019

Brumaghim Group, April 2019

Current Brumaghim Group Members
Nicole Hostetter, PhD student
Rhianna Wolsleger, PhD student
Brandon Wackerle, PhD student
Madison Vicente, PhD student
Jacob Alewine, PhD student
Luke Broughton, undergraduate
Krishna Patel, undergraduate
Dana Tate, undergraduate
Austyn Barjona, undergraduate

Former Brumaghim Group Members

Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers
Dr. Rajashree Sathyamurthy, postdoctoral researcher 2004-2006
Dr. Upali Patel, postdoctoral researcher 2013-2016
Dr. Erin Batin, PhD August 2008
Dr. Nathan Perron, PhD August 2008
Dr. Ria Ramoutar, PhD August 2009
Dr. Andrea Verdan, PhD May 2012(2008-2009, on loan from the Bhattacharyya chemical education group)
Christopher Underwood, MS December 2010
Carla Garcia, MS December 2011
Dr. Hsiao "Sabina" Wang, PhD December 2011
Dr. Martin Kimani, PhD May 2011
Dr. Matthew Zimmerman, PhD December 2014
Dr. Brad Stadelman, PhD May 2016
Dr. Carlos Angele-Martinez, PhD May 2016
Dr. Jaime Murphy, PhD August 2018
Dr. Steve "Craig" Goodman, PhD May 2019
Dr. Mohammed Abbas, PhD August 2019
Dr. Andrea Gaertner, PhD May 2020
Deanna Pollard, MS May 2021

Undergraduate students
Jonathan "Ross" Renew, Summer 2003 (SURP)
Suneidy Lemos Figuereo, Summer 2005 (SURP)
Tzlil Perahia, Summer 2005
Michelle Oakes, Fall 2005
Sean DeGuire, Fall 2005-Spring 2008
Amanda Hughes, Summer 2006 (SURP)
Joelyn Nesbitt, Fall 2006-Spring 2007
Michael N. Jenkins, Fall 2006-Spring 2007
Mereze Lawson, Summer 2007 (SURP)
Maria Sanchez-Santiago, Summer 2007 (SURP)
Joe Giesen, Summer 2008 (SURP)
Michelle Ouimet, Spring 2009
Mark Sleeper, Fall 2009-Spring 2010
David Watts, Fall 2009-Spring 2010
Adrienne Borchardt, Summer 2010 (SURP)
Christopher Clarke, Fall 2010-Spring 2011
Cleophas Rwamera, Summer 2011 (SURP)
Alyssa Rabon, Fall 2008-Spring 2011
Steve "Craig" Goodman, Spring 2010-Spring 2011
Jenna Wilkes, Fall 2010-Fall 2011
Luke Hamilton, Spring 2012
Matthew Wasilewski, Spring 2012-Spring 2015
Joseph Murray, Spring 2012-Spring 2013
Caleb Cohen, Fall 2012-Spring 2013
Kayla DiMarco, Spring 2013-Fall 2014
Paul Stewart, Spring 2014-Summer 2016
Haydan Smith, Fall 2013, Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Michelle Tam, Spring 2015-2016
Connor Leroy, Fall 2015-Spring 2016
Jennifer Hadley, Fall 2015-Spring 2107
Amanda Owen, Spring 2015-2107
Jazzalyn Ballard, Summer 2017 (REU)
Jennifer Haines, Fall 2015-Fall 2017
James Rider, Fall 2015-Fall 2017
Samantha Studer, June 2016-December 2020
Jazzalyn Ballard, Summer 2017 (REU)
Morgan Duffy, Fall 2017-Spring 2019
Drew Reynolds, Fall 2017-Summer 2019
Henry Baird, Spring 2018-Spring 2019
C. Roland Ghareeb, Summer 2018 (REU)
Maggie Paullier, Fall 2018-May 2020
Drew Reynolds, undergraduate

High school students
James Hodges, Summer 2006 (EUREKA)
Ashley Lawhon, Summer 2007 (EUREKA)
Alyssa Rabon, Summer 2008 (EUREKA)
Caleb Cohen, Summer 2012 (EUREKA)
Halford Warlick, Summer 2015 (EUREKA)

Link to Clemson Chemistry Graduate Program

Link to Clemson Chemistry Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

Link to Clemson Honors College Summer High School Research Program (EUREKA)