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Welcome to Marcus Research Lab

The Marcus group has two unique research focuses in analytical chemistry. The first area of research is the development of a novel atmospheric pressure glow discharge source, the Liquid Sampling - Atmospheric Pressure Glow Discharge (LS-APGD). The source was originally developed as an excitation source for atomic emission spectroscopy but the utility has expanded to encompass several different applications. Current efforts are directed at the development of the LS-APGD as a spectrochemical source for optical emission and mass spectrometric analysis. The sources are being developed in efforts to affect field deployable platforms for applications in the nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear safeguards arenas. Current funding comes from DTRA and the NNSA through the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

The second area of research is focused on protein separations using novel capillary-channeled polymer (C-CP) fibers as high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) stationary phases. These C-CP fibers can be extruded from simple commodity polymers, including polypropylene, polyester, and nylon. In their native states, the fibers can affect separations in reversed phase, ion exchange, and hydrophobic interaction modes. Extensive efforts are directed at the development of straight forward, on-column surface modification chemistries that add selectivity to the excellent mass transport properties of C-CP fiber columns. Current funding comes from the NSF.