General Chemistry

Lab Exemption Form for CH 1011/1021/1051/1061

Please do NOT drop your lab section

Please complete this form (in full). All fields are required--otherwise you will not be able to submit and your form will not be processed. You will be notified via email as to whether or not you are entitled to a lab exemption. If you are entitled to a lab exemption, you will be dropped from your current lab section and put in an exempt lab section. You will still be required to pay lab fees--but you will not have to attend the lab. In order to claim credit, your prior grade must be 75% or higher. You are required to pay lab fees in order for the university to award you 4 credit hours for the course.

1. Name
2. Email Address at Clemson Univ.
3. What semester are you requesting to exempt?
3. CU ID Number
4. Lecture Section Number
5. Current Lecture Instructor's Name
6. Lab Section You Are Currently Registered in?



If you wish to be exempted from Lab, please note that your previous lab grade must have been 75% or higher.

7. Indicate the lab to be exempted:

CH 1011    CH 1051

CH 1021    CH 1061

8. Indicate when you previously passed     the laboratory portion of the course?

Spring    First Summer

Fall        Second Summer

9. Year taken:

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