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Analysis of Methanol in the Presence of Ethanol Using a Hybrid Capillary Electrophoresis Device with Electrochemical Derivatization and Conductivity Detection
Mauro S. Ferreira-Santos, Eric Da Costa, Ivano G.R. Gutz, and Carlos D. Garcia
Analytical Chemistry 89 (2017) 1362 – 1368

Use of pyrolyzed paper as disposable substrates for voltammetric determination of trace metals
L. A Juvêncio-Silva, W. Pereira da Silva, J. G. Giuliani, S. C. Canobrea, Carlos D. Garcia, R. A. Abarza-Munoza, and Eduardo M. Richter
Talanta 165 (2017) 33 - 38

Determination of Inorganic Ion Profiles of Illicit Drugs by Capillary Electrophoresis
E. Evans, C. Costrino, C. L. do Lago, C. D. Garcia, C. Roux and L. Blanes
Journal of Forensic Sciences 61 (2016) 1610 - 1614

Spectroscopic Ellipsometry as a Complementary Tool to Characterize Coatings on PDMS for CE Applications
Tomas E. Benavidez and Carlos D. Garcia
Electrophoresis 37 (2016) 2509 - 2516

Fast Production of Microfluidic Devices by CO2 Laser Engraving of Wax-Coated Glass Slides
Eric T. da Costa, Mauro F. S. Santos, Hong Jiao, Claudimir L. do Lago, Ivano G. R. Gutz and Carlos D. Garcia
Electrophoresis 37 (2016) 1691 - 1695

Analytical Methodologies Using Carbon Substrates Developed by Pyrolysis
Tomas E. Benavidez, Rodrigo Martinez-Duarte and Carlos D. Garcia
Analytical Methods 8 (2016) 4163 - 4176

An electrochemical immunosensor for anti-T. cruzi IgM antibodies, a biomarker for congenital Chagas disease, using a screen-printed electrode modified with gold nanoparticles and functionalized with shed acute phase antigen
M. Regiart, S. V. Pereira, F. A. Bertolino, C. D. Garcia, J. Raba, P. R. Aranda
Microchimica Acta 183 (2016) 1203 - 1210

Quantum Dot-Modified Paper-Based Assay for Glucose Screening
G. M. Duran-Lizcano, T. E. Benavidez, A. Rios-Castro, and C. D. Garcia
Microchimica Acta 183 (2016) 611 - 616

Self-Assembled Nanospheres for Encapsulation and Aerosolization of Rifampicin
A. A. Ishikawa, J. J. Velasquez-Salazar, M. Salinas, C. M. Gaitani, T. Nurkiewicz, G. R. Negrete and C. D. Garcia
RSC Advances, 6 (2016) 12959 - 12963

Synthesis of CuNP-Modified Carbon Electrodes Obtained by Pyrolysis of Paper
G. M. Duran-Lizcano, T. E. Benavidez, J. G. Giuliani, A. Rios-Castro, and C. D. Garcia
Sensors and Actuators B. Chemical 227 (2016) 626 – 633

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