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Carbon Tape as a Convenient Electrode Material for Electrochemical Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices (ePADs)
Federico J. V. Gomez, Paige A. Reed, Diego Gonzalez, Javier Rivera de la Rosa, George Chumanov, Maria Fernanda Silva, and Carlos D. Garcia
Analytical Methods (2018) - in press

Determination of Topiramate by CE-C4D: A Powerful Tool for Therapeutic Monitoring in Epileptic Patients
Aline A. Ishikawa, Rodrigo Moreira da Silva, Mauro S. Ferreira-Santos, Eric Tavares da Costa, Americo C. Sakamoto, Emanuel Carrilho, Cristiane M. Gaitani and Carlos D. Garcia
Electrophoresis (2018) - in press

Comparison between the catalytic and photocatalytic activities of Cu/Al2O3 and TiO2 in the liquid–phase oxidation of methanol–ethanol mixtures: Development of a kinetic model for the preparation of catalyst
F. J. Morales-Leal, J. Rivera de la Rosa, C. J. Lucio-Ortiz, D. Bustos Martínez, D. A. De Haro Del Rio, M.A. Garza-Navarro, D. Martínez-Vargas, C. D. Garcia
Applied Catalysis A: General 562 (2018) 184 - 197

Addressing the Distribution of Proteins Spotted on μPADs
Laura McCann, Tomás E. Benavidez, Sarah Holtsclaw and Carlos D. Garcia
Analyst 142 (2017) 3899 - 3905

Analysis of Penicilamine Using Cu-Modified Graphene Quantum Dots Synthetized from Uric Acid as Single Precursor
Gema M. Durán, Tomás E. Benavidez, Ana M. Contento, Angel Ríos and Carlos D. García
Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis 7 (2017) 324 - 331

Functionalization-free microfluidic electronic tongue based on a single response
Flavio M. Shimizu, Fagner R. Todão, Angelo L. Gobbi, Osvaldo N. Oliveira, Carlos D. Garcia, and Renato S. Lima
ACS Sensors 2 (2017) 1027 - 1034

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