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A few updates from the team, mostly socializing

    Dinner at ITP 2019 Many thanks to Luz Amparo Hernandez for visiting us in Clemson. We look forward to continue working with you and your group!
    Dinner at ITP 2019 Congrats to Cpt. Bryan Lagasse who was not only selected for promotion to Major but also received a $10,000 award from DTRA to continue studying routes for the Degradation of Chemical Warfare Agents in collaboration with our team.
    Group picture - Sept 2019 Group dinner on 09/2019: Laura, Bryan, Leah & Mac, CDG, Kathleen, Mckenzie, Luz, Norberto, Tyler and Paige.
    Dinner at ITP 2019 Informal gathering at ITP2019 in Toulouse, France: Mauro, Suzana, Sofia, Claudimir, and CDG.
    Picture of Dr. Garcia at Spark 2019 Honored for the invitation to present at SPARK 2019 in Cordoba, Argentina.

    Group picture - July 2019 Group picture on 06/2019: Bryan, Isa, Kathleen, CDG, Paige, Mckenzie, and Fede.

    Lauren Skrajewski receiving the Senior Researcher Award Congratulations to Lauren Skrajewski and Laura McCann for receiving the Senior Researcher Award and the Warwick Chemical Foundation Award in Chemistry, respectively!

    Group picture - March 2019 Group picture on 03/2019: Rafael, Bryan, Paige, CDG, Lauren, Mckenzie, and Kathleen.
    Group picture - June 2018 Group picture on 01/2018: Diego, Daniel, Matt, Laura, ands Paige.

    Group picture - October 2015 Group picture on 10/2015: Pop, Tomas, Aline, Fausto, and Mauro.
    Group picture at the lake - August 2015 Brazilian barbeque on 08/2015.