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Welcome to the
Microanalytical Chemistry Lab

Microchips are one of the most promising analytical platforms due to the great advantages with respect to conventional bench-top equipment. Microfluidic devices are able to offer custom design, high throughput, sensitivity, selectivity and portability. In order to achieve a real point-of-care measurement device, simple instrumentation has to be integrated to drive the injection and separation. Electrochemical detection (ECD) methods have been widely applied for the detection of bio-compounds because they are less susceptible to decreases in signal magnitude during miniaturization and are already portable and inexpensive. For these reasons, we are very interested in studying the design, operation and biological applications of microchips and capillary electrophoresis. In addition, we are also interested in the rational design of biosensors. Please visit the associated pages to find more about our projects and most recent publications.

Latest Developments in the Lab

  • New paper describing the formation of malonate from 1-propanol accepted in Electrophoresis.
  • Many thanks to Francisco and Javier for letting us particiupate in their project to design catalysts. Results linked to the production of 5–HMF have been just published in the journal Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
  • Dr. Garcia was elected Fellow of the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Congrats to Paige, who is now a PhD candidate!
  • Our newest book Carbon-based Nanomaterials in Analytical Chemistry have been released. Many thanks to Agustin and Alberto for their incredible work!
  • Collaboration with NASA leads to a series of flight-compatible methods capable of simultaneously measuring inorganic cations and amino acids in samples of varying salinity by CE-C4D Electrophoresis.
  • New paper from Fede, Paige and Diego about carbon electrodes has been accepted in Analytical Methods.
  • Many thanks Aline and all the collaborators for the opportunity to collaborate in the analysis of topiramate by CE-C4D. The paper has been just accepted in Electrophoresis.
  • Congratulations to Laura McCann and Sarah Holtsclaw (REU), for getting their first paper accepted in Analyst!.