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Microanalytical Chemistry Lab

Microchips are one of the most promising analytical platforms due to the great advantages with respect to conventional bench-top equipment. Microfluidic devices are able to offer custom design, high throughput, sensitivity, selectivity and portability. In order to achieve a real point-of-care measurement device, simple instrumentation has to be integrated to drive the injection and separation. Electrochemical detection (ECD) methods have been widely applied for the detection of bio-compounds because they are less susceptible to decreases in signal magnitude during miniaturization and are already portable and inexpensive. For these reasons, we are very interested in studying the design, operation and biological applications of microchips and capillary electrophoresis. In addition, we are also interested in the rational design of biosensors. Please visit the associated pages to find more about our projects and most recent publications.

Latest Developments in the Lab

  • Garcia in the newsMany, many thanks to the newspaper La Voz del Interior for publishing an article about our paper-based analytical devices for biomedical applications
  • Congratulations to Mauro and Pop, for getting their moonshine paper accepted in Anal. Chem.
  • Welcome to Paige and Mayura, who have joined our lab to pursue their PhDs!
  • Dr. Garcia presented results of the uPAD project at this year's TEDx Cordoba. Video is coming up shortly!
  • Dr. Garcia offered a seminar at the 11th PTA SChool of Electrochemistrty organized at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  • Our PICASSO proposal entitled "Microfluidic Ion Analyzer for Astrobiological Studies" directed by Dr. Mora has been selected for funding. This will provide new opportunities for Clemson students to perform reserach in one of the best laboratories in the world!
  • New paper from the lab describes how to decrease heat stress in microscope slides and fabricate microfluidic devices
  • In collaboration with Dr. Negrete (UTSA), the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto. and Dr. Nurkiewicz (WVU) we have developed a novel strategy for drug delivery using self-assembled nanoparticles
  • New paper in collaboration with Dr. Blanes aims to bring CE-C4D closer to the crime scene
  • Dr. Garcia presented results related to paper-based analytical devices at PacifiChem 2015
  • Gema just published two articles related to paper devices for glucose analysis: one optical using QDs-uPADs and one electrochemical using CuNP on pyrolyzed paper
  • Jason's first paper shows that you can make excellent electrodes from pyrolyzed paper