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Materials with Targeted Functions

General Information
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Participants and their publications

Potential Mentors and Projects

Graphical abstract for the paper Julia Brumaghim, Developing S/Se-Containing Chelating Ligands for Lanthanide and Actinide Coordination

Graphical abstract for the paper Leah Casabianca, Understanding the Interactions Between Nanoplastics and Persistent Organic Pollutants Through Saturation-Transfer Difference NMR

Graphical abstract for the paper Carlos D. Garcia, Novel Substrates for Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Feedstock Chemicals
Shiou-Jyh Hwu, Bench-Top electrochemical crystal growth of POMOFs: In-situ synthesis of new organic-inorganic hybrids

Graphical abstract for the paper Boni Kim, Development of Multifunctional Catalysts Toward Chemical Diversification of Antibiotics

Graphical abstract for the paper Ken Marcus, Protein and bio-nanoparticle separations on capillary-channeled polymer (C-CP) fiber columns
Dvora Perahia, Ionic Co-Polymers Polymers For The Energy-Water Nexus: Unlocking Ionic Clusters Through Solvent Adaptation

Graphical abstract for the paper Bill Pennington, X-panded polyiodides and their applications as deep eutectic solvents
Sourav Saha, Electrically Conducting and Light-Harvesting Metal–Organic Frameworks
Ya-Ping Sun, Carbon-Dots: Fundamentals and applications

Graphical abstract for the paper Thao Tran, Designing New Materials Featuring Novel Magnetic Spin Configuration
Joe Thrasher, New Motifs in Halogen Bonding Supported by Short Fluorine···Fluorine Contact Distances

Additional Mentors and Projects

Jeffrey N. Anker, Development and bioanalytical application of multifunctional plasmonic and fluorescent sensors
Dev P. Arya, Discovery of new motifs for the molecular recognition of biological macromolecules for development of novel antibiotics
George Chumanov, Synthesis and characterization of plasmonic nanoparticle assemblies
Brian Dominy, Computational tools for analyzing the propagation of classical state information within protein structures
Joseph W. Kolis, Synthesis of nonlinear optical materials in supercritical fluids
Jason McNeil, Advanced fluorescence applications based on nanoparticles consisting of one or more conjugated polymer molecules
Rhett Smith, Synthesis and applications of materials for fluorescent sensing of biologically relevant agents such as neurotoxins
Steven J. Stuart, Improved classical simulation methods for treating electrostatic interactions and chemical bonding effects
Andy Tennyson, Development of organometallic complexes that catalytically reduce ROS and other biologically-relevant oxidants
Dan Whitehead, Development of biodegradable, functional nanoparticles that are capable of capturing VOC pollutants

In addition to the research activities, students receive training and opportunities in:

Literature: search, read, and interpret journal articles related to their project
Research skills – experimental design, statistical analysis, and data interpretation
Instrumentation: hands-on training in the fundamentals, usage, and data interpretation
Professional development, communication skills, ethical considerations and research integrity
Career planning
Professional networking
Diversity in science